Strength Training

Flex It.

✌Hey fellow Hotties!

 Let us get down to business for a few moments. We all love our cardio classes, but we need to focus on our Strength!

💪Strength training is not just about building muscles but also our bones. Regular strength training puts stress on the bones, which signals the body to make them more dense and stronger. This will help prevent conditions like osteoporosis and reduce fractures.

💪Strength training also helps to increase your metabolic rate, which is the rate your body burns calories. As you build more muscle, your body requires more energy to maintain those muscles, even at rest. Which means it can aid in weight management and fat loss.

There are many reasons to strength train. These are just two. We do not need to be afraid to lift weights. You can start slow and incorporate them in your workouts!

At JackHammer Fit, the strength training classes we offer are Row Strength, Cycle Strength, Kettlebell, Barre, & TRX Barre.

These classes combine the best of both  🌎’s. 

Let the JHF certified instructors be your guiding light…to Flex it.

Try each class with the New Client Special today….

Not in the area?? Try this AMRAP to get your body moving!! 👈