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Theresa lost 30 pounds with the JHF Team support!

The classes offered are Cycle, Row, Barre, TRX Barre, Kettlebell, Pilates Yoga and Personal Training.

Cycle is your rhythmic movement to the beat, climb hills, work on endurance, and strength. We use 2 pound weights to work on the upper body.

Cycle Strength and Row Strength are classes that mix low/no impact cardio with strength training. This class is 60 minutes long. A mix of bikes, rowers, weights, TRX,  and core will be a part of this class. Cycle Strength will use bikes. Row Strength will use Rowers.

TRX Barre is a mix of Pilates and Barre using TRX straps, bands and mini Pilates balls. You will use small and large movements to hit all muscles. This class moves to the beat and is too fun to miss.

Barre class is a low impact, light weight, high resistance workout that is inspired by yoga, Pilates, and ballet. These movements are designed to strengthen your body. Shoes are optional.

Pilates Yoga Fusion is designed to strengthen and elongate muscles. The room is gently warmed with infrared heaters. Class ends with a few minutes of meditation/relaxation with Bombash & Earley oil infused towels.

Personal Training is one on one training with a Certified Personal Trainer. We focus on your individual goals, discuss nutrition, part of a private FB community and get healthy and motivation tips along the way.


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